Small Dog Mobile Groomer Wilton Manors

Small Dog Mobile Groomer Wilton Manors

Dog Grooming Services

Our Small Dog Mobile Groomer in Wilton Manors is one of the best grooming service for you and your pet. Here at Monica's Mobile Grooming, we do not groom several pets a one time. Other grooming Salons like to groom several pet at the same like, at a much larger volume of pets.

Would you like go to a salon where you are left alone for hours and surrounded by barking dogs, crying cats, loud dryers and ringing phones? Or would you like being handled by many different people in an assembly line format? We guess you do not. Well neither does your pet. With Monica's Mobile Grooming, your pet is never alone or left sitting wet in a cage waiting to be dried. Your pet is each groomers only client and receives their full attention 100% all the time.

When one of Monica's Mobile Grooming staff start, they work straight through, from beginning to end, never taking their hands or eyes off of your pet. We do not have any interruptions and our main focus is always on the care and safety of your pet at all times.

Raquel has worked with Monica's Mobile Grooming for several years. She is certified in Pet CPR, certified in Pet Nutrition, Animal Psychology, knowledgeable in Asian Grooming techniques, and keeps up with the ever changing field of grooming by attending grooming conventions.

In Raquel's spare time, she volunteers at animal shelters working with local rescue groups to foster and rehabilitate homeless pets to help them get adopted. At home she has her own "four legged" children to help in socializing these foster pets.

Her love of animals large and small shows in the attention she gives to all her clients!