Mobile Dog Grooming Hollywood

Mobile Dog Grooming Hollywood

Dog Grooming Services

Mobile dog grooming in Hollywood from Monica's Mobile Grooming will impress you immensely. We offer one of the most trusting and nurturing experiences your pet will ever receive. There is absolutely no doubt, that your pet deserves the best! With Raquel in command, your pet is placed up on a pedestal.

You pet will receive personal attention, from the time he or she walks through the door of our mobile, until it is time to leave. We groom one pet at a time, never leaving that pet alone, at any point during grooming, or otherwise. Never will any pet feel scared or rejected. Monica’s Mobile Grooming is unlike any other grooming salon. Not surprisingly, pet owners in Hollywood, and beyond, are demanding our services regularly! Our mobile dog grooming in Hollywood is equivalent to an up-scale dog salon being placed in your yard!

We bring luxurious pampering, and both traditional and modern grooming techniques, to your private home, at rates which you can afford. Most salons groom a large volume of pets at the same, almost assembly line style. We, on the other hand, focus directly on effective one-on-one grooming. We know what to do, and what not to do, after so many years of delivering first class grooming in Hollywood. Monica’s Mobile Grooming is being popularly demanded, especially by pet owners who are challenged, and can no longer drive their pets to a salon.

Raquel has worked with Monica's Mobile Grooming for several years. She is certified in Pet CPR, certified in Pet Nutrition, Animal Psychology, knowledgeable in Asian Grooming techniques, and keeps up with the ever changing field of grooming by attending grooming conventions.

In Raquel's spare time, she volunteers at animal shelters working with local rescue groups to foster and rehabilitate homeless pets to help them get adopted. At home she has her own "four legged" children to help in socializing these foster pets.

Her love of animals large and small shows in the attention she gives to all her clients!