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Servicing South Florida:
Mobile grooming makes great sense. Consider these important reasons why:

  • Less stressful for your pet
  • Your pet is never left unattended or put in a cage
  • Appointments scheduled at your preferred location
  • No more dirty dogs in your car
  • No interaction with other animals
  • Meticulously clean environment

Hollywood FL Mobile Grooming Service

The Hollywood FL dog groomer to book is one of the groomers in Monica's Mobile Grooming team! Our team of well-respected groomers is among the very best in the city of Hollywood. Our clean, mobile van comes to your location and gives your dog the star treatment. Avoid the hassles of getting your best friend into the car and avoid the stress of taking your doggie to the groomer. We come to you! Mobile grooming is the way to go and we can guarantee that it will be a great experience for you and your pup. Our practices are safe; our staff is caring and gentle pampering is always extended. Call today for a FREE consultation.

As an exceptional Hollywood FL dog groomer we only schedule one appointment at a time. There are no cages, no other barking dogs and no cats! Your dog will never be distracted or stressed by other dogs. As there is no assembly line, trust between your pooch and our stylist develops quickly and easily. Our advanced skills and experience ensure that your dog is neither bored nor miserable. We know what to do! Your dog is our priority and safety is always at the top of our list. We are in the business of healthy, happy dogs. Let us make your dog happy, we will make you happy too!

Please review our list of services and give our team a call; we would be happy to pamper your dog!

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