Ft Lauderdale Small Dog Mobile Grooming

Ft Lauderdale Small Dog Mobile Grooming

Dog Grooming Services

Ft Lauderdale Small Dog Mobile Grooming services that will impress you and make your pet happy, is always available from Monica's Mobile Grooming. Monica's Mobile Grooming believes that pet pampering should be a calm experience that leaves your pet feeling relaxed and loved.

Other grooming salons groom several pets at the same time, so that they can have more pets ready quickly, allowing for a large number to be groomed at one time. As a result, pets suffer stress and discomfort. At Monica’s Mobile Grooming, where every pet is put on a pedestal, and our groomers gives undivided attention to each pet, you can be sure that our groomers always provide 100% of their attention to your pet. At Monica’s Mobile Grooming, when a pet is slated to be groomed, at a particular time, that is the only pet being groomed at that time, period.

Monica's Mobile Grooming has an experieced an professional staff that are always with your pet, from start of their grooming treatment to its end, never leaving him or her unattended or caged. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our main focus. Mobile dog grooming should not be a symphony of barking dogs, crying cats, and loud dryers. It should be calm, relaxing and stress-free. And that is precisely what we offer. Call today; schedule a pampering session for your pet!

Raquel has worked with Monica's Mobile Grooming for several years. She is certified in Pet CPR, certified in Pet Nutrition, Animal Psychology, knowledgeable in Asian Grooming techniques, and keeps up with the ever changing field of grooming by attending grooming conventions.

In Raquel's spare time, she volunteers at animal shelters working with local rescue groups to foster and rehabilitate homeless pets to help them get adopted. At home she has her own "four legged" children to help in socializing these foster pets.

Her love of animals large and small shows in the attention she gives to all her clients!